Is Dionne Warwick Gay or Not?

As 2015 comes to an end, many would think that prejudice mindsets toward people of color and the LGBT community. From the closed mindsets of many, it has caused countless people to still be quite worried about discrimination from society. One of the most talked about celebrities who have yet to clarify their sexual orientation would have to be Dionne Warwick. For ages the media has been trying to figure out whether or not she is lesbian or bisexual, as she has never been one to talk about her personal life let alone her love life. It’s now time to find out more about this legendary singer to maybe discover her true self.

Is Dionne Warwick Gay?

box1Many rumors have been sparking about Dionne and her sexuality for years, as she did have a lesbian manager and never remarried or was in any kind of relationship known to the public after divorcing her husband two times back in 1975. Warwick has also been a very famous and strong ally of the LGBT community where she has publicly and vocally voiced her support. She is one of the most respected artists of all time not only known for creating such phenomenal music herself but for mentoring one of the greatest of all time, her younger cousin Whitney Houston. Back in the 1980’s when only a couple celebrities openly shared their struggle with AIDs, Dionne was right there repeatedly willing to lend her high profile name to raise awareness at various charity events.

In the year 1985, she decided to round up some of the most famous pop icons such as Gladys Knight, Stevie Wonder, and Elton John to create one of the most popular songs of all time ‘Thats What Friends Are For’. The money earned from the sales of this song were all raised for amfAR which is an AIDs researching organization to find a cure. The song was number 1 on Billboards where it stayed on top for several weeks, and overall was able to earn over $3 million dollars. From her outspoken support for the LGBT community and her silence on her private love life, it has raised a lot of question on her sexuality. Even when asked about her sexual preferences, she never denies or approves of any rumors which just sparks even more speculation.

In conclusion, there really is no certain way to find out if she is gay or not solely from the rumors and the people she had around her back then. Only time will tell and maybe in a few years from now she will find the courage to share to the public her true identity. It’s quite sad to think that there are people in the world that feel the need to hide who they are because of their fear of judgement from others. In this day and age, there should no longer be a need to formally “come out”, as not being straight shouldn’t be taboo. Until then, everyone in must try to make those who are the minority know that they shouldn’t feel inferior for being different.