There are various reasons why people take singing lessons. Singing lessons can help you stay in tune, control your breathing, safely project your voice, open up your vocal range, develop a perfect pitch and endure through a whole song. These are some of the factors that impact how much a singing lesson will cost. On average, singing lessons range between $50 – $100 for an hour.
Private or individual singing lessons tend to be more expensive than group lessons and may be between 30 minutes to an hour long. Pricing for private lessons depends on your teacher, their experience, location as well as expertise. However, it’s not uncommon to find yourself paying the same amount for a private lesson as you would a group lesson.

Some teachers tend to offer discounts when it’s a group lesson, and hence you might be able to save some dollars. But as mentioned, this all depends on the location and your teacher. The duration of each singing lesson is also something that affects the cost of singing lessons. For instance, a 30-minute singing lesson may cost $40, a 45-minute lesson $80 and a 60-minute lesson $80.
The frequency of your lessons and whether they are done in studio or remotely contributes to how much your teacher will charge. Factors such as whether it’s the first time you are taking a singing lesson as well as the level of expertise that you seek will also affect how much you will pay. One critical question to ask yourself is what your ultimate goal is. Where do you want your singing lesson to take you?